Classes at Pallas Fitness


Core 45

These conditioning focused classes are approachable by members of all fitness levels - with no introductory required! We will make use of typical cardio machines, our bodies, and kettlebells/dumbbells to perform effective total body workouts over a 45 minute class. These high energy classes will focus on aerobic fitness, and incorporate basic functional exercises and core work to elicit results for our members.

Yoga 45 & 60

These recovery focused classes will make use of traditional yoga practice in combination with foam rolling and trigger point work to help members stay healthy and improve their functionality. Each class will have the individual flare of the instructor, with our experienced and broad ranging yoga instructors.

 Classes at CrossFit Pallas

Interested in our CrossFit classes right next door? Visit our CrossFit Pallas website for more information.

Women's Wellness 60

We offer small group training for women who desire to train specifically for their birth, postpartum mamas* who need extra support with their rehabilitation and return to movement, and any woman who would like to train functionally through any chapter in life in a supportive community!

PLEASE NOTE: A 15-minute consult is required for any currently pregnant mama or less than one year postpartum woman.


We believe that the motherhood transition deserves attention as well as intention; we support women making informed decisions rather than accepting the status quo.

We work with women who are trying to conceive, thinking about trying to conceive, early-, mid-, or "so f-ing pregnant," recently postpartum, not-so-recently postpartum, recently miscarried, empty nesters.... you get the idea. If you live in or near Ithaca, and Motherhood is a thing in your life...